Customized Services


Our breadth of services leads to innovative and idealized solutions

We’re ready to help your organization advance its improvement agenda through innovative approaches and practical solutions. We can:

Lead Large Scale Improvement Initiatives

We have a lengthy track record of successfully leading large-scale improvement initiatives at a national, state or system level on many topics related to children’s health. These efforts can focus on targeted improvements (e.g., improving maternity care services in hospitals), broad-sweeping change (e.g., medical home transformation), or clinical improvements (e.g., improving care for children with autism spectrum disorder).

Facilitate Collaboration Across Sectors, Disciplines or Facilities

Collaboration is a core tenant of improvement science. The pace of improvement is exponentially faster when participants with a shared aim can share lessons learned. We can help by running in-person or virtual learning collaboratives, serving as the backbone organization for collective impact efforts, or developing innovation teams to pilot rapid cycle change. We also offer a cutting-edge system to engage an online community in shared learning.

Support Efficient Data Collection and Management

Over the years, we’ve had countless opportunities to work with frontline improvement teams to test and refine measurement strategies. Based on this experience, we have the expertise and tools to support measure creation, as well as a state-of-the-art platform for collecting, reviewing and reporting data. We can also help harvest data from existing systems and interpret data for strategic insight.

Build Quality Improvement (QI) Capacity

Any organization dedicated to continuous improvement requires internal expertise on QI methods and tools to be successful. We can offer in-person or virtual trainings on the fundamentals of QI to empower your team to drive and understand quality improvement and system transformation.

Provide Expert Technical Assistance or Customized Consultation Services

Our deep content knowledge and quality improvement expertise allows us to provide helpful technical assistance in support of improvement initiatives of all kinds. This can include conducting meetings to review improvement activities and identify gaps, creating strategic plans, developing measurement strategies, interpreting data and providing feedback, and establishing an evaluation infrastructure.

We welcome learning more about your unique needs and how we can partner to realize a shared mission of improving children’s health. To inquire about NICHQ services, please email


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